V.F. Tanker participates in an emergency response drill

V.F. Tanker participates in an emergency response drill

A special tactical training exercise for petroleum products spill response has taken place in the waters of Volga


On August 30, 2017, V.F. Tanker (part of UCL Holding) has participated in a special comprehensive tactical training exercise for oil and petroleum products spill response. The exercise was organized in the proximity of the Vakarevo settlement of the Yaroslavl region (527 km of the navigable pass of the Volga river).

According to the idea of the exercise, an emergency situation was reported by the master of vessel “V.F.Tanker-14” (V.F. Tanker Ltd.): during cargo handling operations a collision of the tanker with a bunkering vessel took place, as a result of which the tanker was ruptured on the starboard side, two cargo tanks became depressurized, and a simulated spill of 2,000 m3 of fuel oil occurred to the river water. According to the scenario, the situation became even more complicated due to fire on the bunkering vessel, thus creating an emergency threat at the regional geography level.

Upon receipt of the conditional alarm signal the crew of the V.F. Tanker-14 motor ship composed
of 13 men started in as short a time as possible the operations aimed at the arrangement of boom containments and elimination of the oil leakage from the damaged tanks, and completed sorbent spraying on the water surface of the “contaminated” area.

With account for the real weather conditions, the river flow speed and the maximum calculated spill volume, a professional emergency response and rescue

team was engaged in the conditional emergency response activities. Conjointly with the rescuers, more than one kilometer long booms were arranged, and four skimmers were used for surface oil pickup.

In conclusion of the drill the actions were practices for protection of the shoreline and cleanup of the shore from oil contamination.

A total of over 100 people took part in the exercise. The commissions for emergency prevention and fire safety management for the Yaroslavl region and the municipal entities, the Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl region, the Northern Line Transport Authority of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Transport Prosecutor’s Office, the Inter-District Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, the Directorate of the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service for the Yaroslavl region, the Line Authority of the Directorate for National Maritime and River Supervision of the Federal Transport Supervision Service were engaged as well. The drill was coordinated by the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Response for the Yaroslavl region.

Given the scale and the seriousness of consequences of a potential accident resulting in oil and petroleum products spill, the need for the conduct of joint exercises to practice interaction between all agencies is evident. Based on the results of the completed drill it was noted that all tasks planned within the framework of the conditional emergency situation were overall positively evaluated as fully accomplished.

Background: The shipping company V.F. Tanker specializes in liquid bulk cargo transportation by inland and international waterways. The company operates over
80 vessels of the total deadweight of around 400,000 ton, including 30 river-sea class ships performing all-year-round voyages.

In 2010, the company adopted a Safety Management System that meets the requirements of the International Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), and is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

V.F. Tanker forms part of the VBTH shipping division of UCL Holding international transportation group consolidating a variety of Russian shipping, railway, stevedore and logistic companies.

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