UCL Holding improves safety management quality

UCL Holding improves safety management quality

A corporate seminar “Safety Culture and Human Factor” has taken place

On August 23-24, 2017 the shipping division of UCL Holding held a practical corporate seminar “Safety Culture and Human Factor”.

The seminar forms part of UCL Holding’s large-scale program “Improvement of Safety Management Quality”, the main objective of which is to reduce the rate of traffic incidents by way of promotion of the corporate occupational safety culture.

Representatives of the ship command staff and employees of the shore units of all UCL Holding shipping companies – V.F. Tanker, Volga Shipping and North-Western Shipping Company – took part in the seminar.

Within the framework of the seminar housed by V.F. Tanker, themed workshop sessions were held, diversified tests were conducted aimed to define the employees’ attitude towards the safety system, and safe vessel operation methods were discussed by reference to the current practice of the UCL Holding shipping companies.

Through the example of some real-life incidents the actions of employees in emergency situations were analyzed, and a consistent definition was given to human factor
in the company’s overall safety system. The human role in accident prevention became the key aspect of the training event.

Sergey Bryzgalov, V.F. Tanker Managing Director:

The preparedness of all seminar participants to openly share opinions and the gained experience, to discuss and jointly elaborate ways to solve possible problems is
the core instrument that defines the potential for the improvement of safety management approaches.

In the course of development of the program “Improvement of Safety Management Quality” the specialists of UCL Holding have taken onboard the advanced expertise
that is based on the international standards and practices adopted by leading western companies. The program took effect on June 1, 2017 and is meant to continue till the end of the next year. During this period the companies forming the holding are going to hold a series of training events aimed at the introduction of efficient methods of injury prevention which primarily spur the growth of the occupational safety culture.

Valeria Ievleva, UCL Holding HR Director:

Personnel safety, preservation of their life and health, maintenance of safe and comfortable labor conditions constitute an overarching priority in the activities of all UCL Holding companies. As of today, we have adequately and effectively implemented part of the general program aimed to prevent accidents, including during fleet maintenance, handling operations, and warehousing. Whatever innovative technologies you may introduce, however hard you may improve your production processes,
this does not relieve each individual employee from the ownership of safety, and cannot fully shelter you from accidents. Statistically, unsafe behavior of employees is
the main reason for the formation of risks of occupational nature. Therefore, apart from regular training and control, follow-through work with the personnel is required that is conductive to the development of each employee’s awareness of the need to follow safety instructions and that influences their perception of potential hazards inherent in the production process.


Universal Cargo Logistics Holding (UCL Holding) is an international transportation group consolidating a variety of Russian shipping, railway, stevedore and logistic companies.

The entities form three divisions: the railway division UCL Rail, the stevedore division UCL Port  and the shipping division VBTH.

The holding’s shipping division includes V.F. Tanker, Volga Shipping, North-Western Shipping Company, and the Okskaya Shipyard.

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