Transportation of oil products

V.F.Tanker Ltd. offers transportation of a wide range of oil products in various directions.

Cargoes are carried by tankers of the total deadweight of 247,500 tons and non-self-propelled oil tank barges of the total freight carrying capacity of 73,455 tons.

The MIXED NAVIGATION (river-sea) FLEET carries cargoes:

  • from river terminals of European Russia to transit locations north- (Saint-Petersburg, Vysotsk) and southward (Kerch, Caucasus) (during the navigation period);
  • from Russian ports of the Azov, the Black, the Caspian Seas to foreign ports of the Black, the Caspian, the Mediterranean, the Red, the Northern, and the Baltic Seas, as well as between foreign ice-free ports (all year round).

During the navigation period the INLAND NAVIGATION FLEET carries cargoes:

  • from river terminals of European Russia to sea ports of the Azov-Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Baltic Sea basins;
  • between river ports of European Russia.

Oil products are carried:

  • in direct traffic (no cargo transshipment en route);
  • in direct mixed traffic (cargo transshipment en route);

Cargo is transshipped from inland vessels to mixed navigation (river-sea) vessels at the Yaroslavl and Rybinsk tank farms, and on the roads in Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don using the NPS-2026 oil pumping station and the company’s tanker fleet.

The exploited transshipment schemes secure the transportation of scheduled cargo volumes even in case of limited capacity at certain parts of inland waterway.


  • simultaneous transportation of 2 sorts of oil products;
  • oil product transportation without flash point restrictions;
  • heating of transported heavy oil products for easy discharge.

We have been continuously developing our potential with observance of the international standards and individual requirements of our partners;         we guarantee safe and secure transportation of oil products with various transport characteristics.

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