Safety policy


The company sets the highest requirements to the quality of the provided services and the activities aimed to secure safe operation of the vessels, health & safety management, and prevention of adverse impact on the environment.

Declaring its commitment to the principles of sustainable development, by which we mean a well-balanced and socially acceptable combination of economic advancement and safety protection at all levels, the company willingly adopts and expresses its official position in the V.F.Tanker Ltd. Policy  in the Field of Safety and Environmental Protection.

We endeavor to live up to the following commitments:

  • ensure safe vessel operation practices, environmental protection and safe working environment;
  • take preventive actions to avoid all kinds of incidents and accidents, oil spills and other environmental contamination;
  • assess all identified risks pertaining to the vessels, the personnel and the environment, and organize proper risk management;
  • enhance the competences and practical skills of the company’s personnel in the safety management matters;
  • ensure alertness in case of possible emergencies associated with the vessel operation;
  • guarantee compliance with the labor standards and observe the rights of the company’s personnel.

In order to carry out the assumed commitments, the company has introduced an integrated management system for the vessels and onshore management based on the Safety Management System (SMS) meeting the requirements of the ISM Code, OCIMF and certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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