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The company’s first navigation was opened by 9 units of Volga-Flot tankers and 10 units of VFT oil tank barges.


The company’s fleet grew with the addition of 4 new barges and 1 tanker.

Over 1 mln bulk cargoes were carried by V.F.Tanker Ltd. during the 2002 navigation.



The company’s fleet includes 11 tankers, 24 barges, 7 Ural-, Volgar- and BTP-type push tugs, and an oil pumping station.



The company’s fleet includes 41 vessels of the total tonnage of 170+ thousand tons.



In accordance with the development strategy, the company commenced the construction of new 19614 project tankers and development of the in-house   oil carrier design under the provisional name RST27.



Krasnoye Sormovo Shipbuilding Plant built and floated out 8 tankers
project 19614 for V.F.Tanker.

Concurrently Krasnoye Sormovo and Okskaya Shipyard started the construction of RST27 project vessels.


14 vessels of RST27 project were put into operation. The number of the    mixed (river-sea) type tankers is 20, with the total deadweight of        128,280 tons.

The Federal Marine and River Transport Agency awards the company with    an Industry Leader pennant in the Best Shipping Company nomination.



The construction of 8 more RST27 project vessels was completed. The number of the company’s sea vessels made 30, with the total deadweight amounting to 197,800 tons.

V.F.Tanker Ltd. earned the Industry Leader award.




Tanker Mekhanik Antonov, project 19614
Tanker Mekhanik Antonov, project 19614.
Тhe launch of  a vessel, March, 2011.
VF Tanker-1, project RST27
VF Tanker-1, project RST27.
Preparations for sea trials, April, 2012.
Tanker Balt Flot 1, project RST54
Tanker Balt Flot 1, project RST54.
Тhe first loading, November, 2014.
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