Fleet of Company

V.F.Tanker operates 62 vessels of the total freight carrying capacity of about 320,950 tons.


  • 22 tankers of V.F.Tanker (project RST27); total freight carrying capacity 153,560 tons;
  • 8 tankers of 19614 project; total freight carrying capacity 44,240 tons;
  • 9 Volga-Flot tankers (project 05074Т); total freight carrying capacity 44,000 tons;
  • 1 tanker-deck of RST54 project; total freight carrying capacity 17,100 tons;
  • 14 VFT-type oil tank barges (project R156ST); carrying capacity 5,700 tons;
  • 2 Volzhskaya-type oil tank barges (project 05074VFT); total freight carrying capacity 10,400 tons;
  • 1 push boat BTP-612 (project 81172);
  • 4 push tugs (projects Н3291, 3290, 428.1);
  • oil pumping station NPS-2026 (project 5385);
  • floating workshop PM-1011 (project R81M).


The core of the fleet operated by V.F.Tanker is formed by the series of new generation self-propelled vessels.

PROJECT RST27: mixed river-sea navigation tanker designed and built in constructive cooperation with V.F.Tanker specialists. With its increased deadweight and block coefficient, the vessel falls into the Volgo-Don max class. The overall dimensions of the vessel meet the standards of the Volga-Don Ship Canal and the Volga-Baltic Waterway. The vessel design incorporates the requirements placed by Russian and international oil companies, and the additional environmental restrictions of the ECO PROJECT (ECO-S) class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
22 tankers of RST27 project were put into operation in 2012-2013. The project was listed among 50 Significant Ships of 2014 according to RINA — Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

PROJECT19614: mixed river-sea navigation tanker; on time of delivery — the biggest Russian river vessel. 8 project vessels have been put into operation since 2011.

PROJECT RST54: is a versatile platform tanker capable of carrying both oil products and dry (general, bulk) cargoes and ensuring good vessel loading in both carriage directions. The vessel dimensions perfectly consider the actual sailing conditions of the Russian inland waterways.
In 2015, the project appeared on the list of 50 Significant Ships according to RINA — Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

The company’s fleet operated in the sea areas is classified by the Russian Maritime Register and fully complies with all Russian and international requirements and conventions, including the requirements of the OCIFM member companies. All vessels undergo regular vetting inspections performed by leading Russian and global oil companies, and efficiently prove their compliance with the safety requirements to oil and oil products transportation, as well as carrying out of cargo handling operations at oil terminals.

The tankers, barges and tug boats of V.F.Tanker Ltd. are insured by first-class Russian and foreign insurance companies.

We have been developing our fleet with due regard to the demands of our partners and operating in accordance with the cargo owners’ requirements and objectives.

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